Welcome to Janana Metal Art.

We sell crafted metal wall art and sculptures numbered reproductions which are part of a limited edition series of originals sculptures created by artist Hanan Danino.

Each sculpture is numbered and delivered with dated signed and numbered certificate of authenticity by the artist.


About Hanan Danino.

I was born on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, most of my life I am connected to the sea and the sky above.

My past as a seaman and a boat designer is reflected in my art through experiences, imagination and emotions.

The path from spirit to reality of my sculptures goes from inspiration to computer modeling, laser cutting, assembly and much more.

I throw in feelings and insights, striving to create works that resonate universal feelings and values at a deep level.

I draw inspiration from my journey, as well as from the world around me, seeking to evoke a sense of wonder, trough external and internal observation along with beauty and elegance.

With each piece, I strive to create something timeless and meaningful that will last long after I’m gone.

Through my art, I hope to connect with others, spark meaningful discussion, and leave a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.


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