Features: Romantic loving couple holding scent candle. Total change of bedroom night environment for the better. Best wedding present.

Inspiration: Imagine a perfect couple. When its work, they simultaneously carry the light between them and bring it to others. The candle suggesting that it all may be temporary unless they will keep and guard the light.

Custom: Send me front face photos of you and your spouse and l will merge them into the sculpture so you will have yours special version. (Extra charge)


Additional information


In 90˚walls corner at suitable height. A flat wall mounting version available.

In Light:

scent candle.




width 53 cm (20.9”), height 75 cm (29.5”) depth 41 cm (16.1”)


4.8 Kg. (10.6 lbs.)

DISCLAIMER However every effort is made to create exact copies, any art piece may have minor differences of form, color, dimensions & weight. Due to different standards of electricity in many countries, the in lights sculptures are not supplied with the needed USB AC adaptor.