Features: Multi color painted, Imagination inspiring, eyes catching and leading upwards. Wonderful for kid’s room, Hi-Tec work spaces and offices.

Inspiration: Combination of a memory from beloved old science fiction book and a strange dream I had. What I felt was watching flying shapes toward infinity in far alien planet. Even now I’m not sure if those hovering balls were alive or what?

Additional information


On flat wall at convenient height.

In Light:

yellow nano led. USB connecting.


Aluminum and Acrylic.


width 60 cm (23.6”), height 33 cm (13”) depth 20 cm (7.9”)


5 Kg. (11 lbs.)

DISCLAIMER However every effort is made to create exact copies, any art piece may have minor differences of form, color, dimensions & weight. Due to different standards of electricity in many countries, the in lights sculptures are not supplied with the needed USB AC adaptor.